Why do You Need a Humidifier?

Juni 15, 2022 Aus Von admin

It is becoming fashionable to think about the environment, what we eat, ecology, and caring for nature. It also applies to our health. Temperature and air purity are essential indicators. But we don’t think much about humidification. So why is it important to buy a Luftbefeuchter kaufen?

What is Considered the Optimal Humidity Level?

A comfortable value for life is 35-60%. This value varies during different seasons and functional zones. For example, the maximum value is chosen in a child’s room and even more if the child is sick. In the living room, it can be lower if you do not spend 90% of the time there. It is better to lessen the dampness to a lower level in the wintertime because you just freeze. Conversely, it’s better to raise the wet level when it’s hot outside. The level of wetness in a room is changing. In winter, when the radiators are on at full power, the air will be dry. In summer it is more humid. 

Humidifier Action

As a rule, the device has an adjustment function, so you control the process of saturation of the space with moisture. In the process, this device produces cold steam that distributes throughout the room evenly. There is a mechanical model, which you can start manually. 

Types of Humidifiers

There are only three types of humidifiers. These are devices for natural humidification, with ultrasound and steam generation. About each of them, we will tell you in detail. 

Devices for Natural Humidification

This device evaporates cold steam that distributes throughout the air. It is a device with special cartridges that are wetted in water. Then, the water evaporates and humidifies the atmosphere by natural evaporation under the built-in fan. There are several humidification modes. Then, you simply adjust the fan speed.


The device is filled with clean water and brought to a boil. Then, thanks to a natural process, it emits hot steam. With this device, the humidification index of the air improves easily and quickly. Since the steam is hot, the air temperature also increases. Therefore, it is ideal to use it in the cold season. 

Ultrasonic Air Humidifier

The device has a special ultrasonic membrane. It splits the incoming water into microparticles, which we see as a slight mist. Then it spreads throughout the room. With the help of ultrasound, the air is quickly and easily saturated with moisture. As a result, it immediately becomes easier to breathe. 

The Benefits of a Humidifier in the Apartment or House

Often, we don’t even realize that the problem lies in the humidification of the air. So:

  1. Mucous membrane dryness. Yes, when you wake up in the morning with red eyes and a dry nose, assuming you went to bed on time, this is the first sign of a lack of air moisture. Nature granted us mucous membranes to protect us from infections.  
  2. Hair becomes smooth and silky. It is especially actual for girls.
  3. Your sleep is deep and healthy.

Our general state depends on wetness, both psychological and physical. It has a positive effect on the environment of the house. In this article, we have collected detailed information on why you need a humidifier in the home and considered its advantages and disadvantages.